A caregiver is someone who can be designated as needed by a registered qualifying patient to assist in the use or transport of an allowable amount of marijuana for medical use. A caregiver can legally possess the maximum amount of marijuana of two ounces in a thirty-day period.

All primary caregivers must register with the New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program and must submit the required fingerprint submission and background check.The caregiver can only be designated for one patient at a time. A patient or a caregiver is not allowed to cultivate medical marijuana.


  • Must be 18 years of age or above.
  • Must be a New Jersey resident.
  • Agree to assist a qualifying patient with the medical use of marijuana.
  • Is not currently serving as a primary caregiver for another qualifying patient
  • Must have never been convicted of felony drug use or possession.
  • Is not the patient’s physician.

Becoming a Caregiver

  1. A patient must be qualified with chronic or debilitating condition.
  2. A patient must have a written recommendation from a registered physician in the state of New Jersey
  3. A patient will designate, if needed, a personal caregiver who agrees to assist him with the use of medical marijuana.
  4. A patient, along with the designated caregiver, must be registered with the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program.
  5. A patient and designated caregiver will both have a registered identification card (MMP card) that must be carried at all times.

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