Long-time New Jersey prosecutor, since 2001, Jon-Henry “J.H.” Barr Esq has been personally seeking fair judicial rights for marijuana users. He is now the sole man, in his position, fighting to legalize marijuana in New Jersey.

GreenWay NJ One Man Stands Up in New JerseyProsecutors are known to be those who can have a big say on who is guilty or not, who will go away to jail for something or will be given another chance. That is why they can also exclude marijuana users from being labeled as bad guys that deserve jail. According to Johnny Green from the weedblog.com, there are many prosecutors in favor of marijuana reform, but are just not, and will not, go public with it.

Barr is also affiliated with the New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform where he sits as a steering committee member. Together and in leadership of American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, they are now pioneering an action that will establish a system in which marijuana will be made available, legal, and regulated and taxed by the state.

For J.H. Barr, as a prosecutor, he has seen firsthand the waste in prosecuting and convicting a marijuana user. He sees it as a waste of law enforcement who have more seriou

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