New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a firm opponent of cannabis who described its sale as “blood money”, may have had a complete turn-around on medical marijuana when he signed a bill allowing parents or guardians to administer cannabis on school premises.

The seeming change of heart of the Governor may have been inspired by Genny Barbour, a 16-year old New Jersey resident diagnosed with autism and epilepsy. Genny is inflicted with a severe case of autism and epilepsy that makes her nearly non-verbal and due to frequent seizures and agitation, she has had difficulty in school and at home.

Frustrated with the regimen of various pharmaceutical solutions that offers no relief for Genny, her parents asked their doctor the possibility of medical marijuana for their daughter. Genny was subjected to four doses of cannabis oil per day and the change was dramatically significant. Her verbal skills improved, her seizures decreased and the progress was so tremendous that her teachers were able to increase the rigor of Genny’s lesson plan.

Prior to the signing of the bill, administering medical marijuana in any form was not allowed on school grounds. That could have had an adverse effect on Genny since the severity of her symptoms was such that one missed dose could cause her condition to deteriorate and her agitation so severe to the point of her hurting herself.

The approval of the bill makes it the first school in the nation to allow medical marijuana on campus and shall provide relief for Genny and those of similar cases like hers who will be getting a new chance for education and life.

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